Training for employees on “Interpersonal communication”

Training for employees on “Interpersonal communication” was held in Portugal on May 2-6. The hosts of the training were Portuguese partners from Instituto de Apoio à Criança. The meeting was attended by employees from:

  • Municipal social welfare Center from Żory,
  • Instituto de Apoio à Criança,
  • Viešoji įstaiga Mano šeimos akademija.

The training lasted 5 days, the first two days was conducted by a team from Portugal on:

  • What is interpersonal communication?
  • Competencies associated with interpersonal communication,
  • How to improve communication between professionals, foster families, children and youth.

On the third day, the Polish team presented issues related to:

  • How to effectively manage interpersonal communication in conflict situations.

The Lithuanian team devoted the fourth day to:

  • Assertiveness, aggression or submission in interpersonal communication.

The last day was to sum up the training and discuss the new knowledge gained. There was also time to talk about the future “help-desk”. All employees obtained valuable and necessary knowledge, which is necessary for everyday work in their profession, and certificates confirming participation in the training were also handed out.