International conference „Sėkmingos globos link. 2021”

On December 2 and 3, 2021. Mrs. Katarzyna Costła-Hus Deputy Director of the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Żory and …

Visit to promote the project “Conscious Parent Academy – Replacement parent urgently needed” in the Provincial Adoption Center in Katowice, branch in Rybnik

On October 28, 2021 The Deputy Director of the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Żory, Ms Katarzyna Costła-Hus, went to …



https://www.facebook.com/Traku.paramos.seimai.vaikams.centras/posts/2574047036072978 https://www.emundus.lt/en/news/conscious-parent-academy-replacement-parent-urgently-needed-136.htm





https://www.facebook.com/sosvaikai/posts/10164991075645611 “We would like to happily announce that we have joined the project “Conscious Parent Academy – Replacement parent urgently …


Conscious Parent Academy in Kurier Żorski

Kurier Żorski is a monthly magazine published by the City of Żory. In the number 2/2021, page 4, there is …



Wideo reportage in regional TVT Television

On March 15, 2021, a video reportage was published on the regional TVT TV with the participation of the director …

Presentation of the program during the meeting with foster families

On 10 March 2021 a meeting of a support group for foster families was held. We presented there the program …

Visit to the Creation “RAZEM” in Czeladź

https://www.facebook.com/FUNDACJASMART/posts/741893833190618 https://fundacjasmart.pl/blog/2021/03/26/dzielimy-sie-naszym-doswiadczeniem-z-czlonkami-stowarzyszenia-razem-w-czeladzi/


Visit the Mayor of Żory

On 3 February 2021 we visited the Mayor of Żory – Waldemar Socha. We introduced in detail the ongoing project’s …

A visit to the Local Social Welfare Center in Suszec

On 3 February 2021 during the meeting, we presented our program in the Local Social Welfare Center in Suszec near …