Summary of the training under the project “Academy of Conscious Parent – Foster parent urgently needed!”

Training for employees under the project “Conscious Parent Academy – Replacement parent urgently needed!” – 2020-1-PL01-KA204-082283 has ended. Let us recall that the host organization was the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Żory, and the subject of the training was “Legal conditions for the functioning of foster care in the partner countries”. The training was attended by employees from:

  • IAC – Instituto de Apoio à Criança
  • Mano šeimos akademija
  • Municipal Social Welfare Center in Żory

During these 5 days, the participants broadened their knowledge of the following topics:

  • What legal actions are taken in individual countries to secure children from biological families and transfer them to a foster family,
  • Ways to promote foster families in individual countries,
  • Organization of foster care and adoption in Poland,
  • Family foster care: the first days of a child in foster care, activities aimed at referring a child for adoption. Overview of actions taken in individual States,
  • How to prepare a child for return to the biological family and who are the family assistants.

During the training, the employees had the opportunity, in addition to broadening their knowledge, to get to know the city of Żory and the surrounding attractions, such as:

  • The City Museum in Żory,
  • Kapias Gardens,
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum,
  • Castle in Pszczyna.

It was a time full of work and activity. The institution’s employees shared their experiences and knowledge that will be necessary for everyday work in their profession. Certificates confirming participation in the training were also awarded.